Wedding Stylist

What is a wedding stylist?



Most of us know what a wedding planner does, but not everyone is familiar with the role that a wedding stylist plays in planning a wedding. The main distinction is that a wedding planner is responsible for making arrangements, organizing, for planning, basically, while the wedding stylist is responsible for helping to make sure that the wedding looks beautiful! A wedding stylist will help a couple define the color, style, theme and mood of the wedding. She will help to ensure that the final event looks cohesive.



Some brides know exactly what they want their wedding to look like. They have envisioned every centerpiece and floral arrangement, and picked out their bridesmaids’ accessories years ago. But there are others who could use a bit of help with the aesthetic side of wedding planning. That’s where a wedding stylist comes in. Whether you opt for some basic help in bringing together your ideas into a defined look, or you need a bit more help than that, a wedding stylist will make sure that all the planning and hard work culminate into an enchanting event.



If you’d like to work with a wedding stylist, it should be one of the first steps in your wedding planning. Wedding style consultation services will help you know where you’re going with all the rest of the planning. It will be much easier to make decisions when you know what you’re looking for. At that point, you can either work with a wedding planner to bring all of your ideas to reality, or plan the wedding yourself, if you’re the DIY type


A wedding stylist may also offer wedding style coordination services, to a certain extent. She may help you source certain items or even be there on your big day to ensure that everything looks just right. But these are services that are usually offered by wedding planners, so if you are working with a wedding planner, check with them before enlisting a stylist for this type of help. You don’t need to pay two people to do the same job!


5cc6d0e5497322939479de4693fac1b8The distinction between wedding planner and wedding stylist is often a gray area. There are many wedding planners who offer styling services and many wedding stylists who offer planning services. But if you want someone to help you specifically on the creative, aesthetic design of your wedding, you are looking for a stylist. If you are going to be working with a wedding planner, styling services can help you be more focused and productive when you meet with your planner. If you are going to be planning your own wedding, styling services may be the only help you need.